Case Reference/File No [1994] 1 SriLR 401
Case Name Lucas Appuhamy v. Maturata and others
Court Supreme Court
Date of judgement 11th Nov 1994
Judges Fernando J
Amerasinghe J
Dheeraratne J
Parties Petitioners
Lucas Appuhamy



1. OIC of the Police Station
2. a police officer
4th, 5th and 6th respondents – police officers who arrested the petitioner
Keywords Fundamental rights – Articles 11 and 13(1) of the Constitution – arrest and torture
Head note  
Brief facts On 22nd Feb 1994, the intoxicated petitioner was provoked on a bus assaulted the 3rd respondent. Later the petitioner was arrested on a complaint made by the 3rd respondent.

The Court held that there was sufficient basis for the arrest and such arrest was not violating Article 13 (1) of the Constitution since the arrest was done according to the legal proceedings as per the Code of Criminal Procedure Act. Additionally, considering the incompatibilities between the medical evidence and the petitioner’s version, the court held that there was no violation of fundamental rights as alleged by the petitioner.
Judicial Precedence  
Legislation Title The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 1978
Area Articles 11 and 13(1) of the Constitution